Heres the birth announcement we sent out when Scott was born:

Stragsco Enterprises, Inc., is proud to announce the arrival of their new Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer:

     *** Scott Lawrence Straguzzi ***

          Height:  20"
          Weight:  8 lbs., 3 oz.
  Effective Date:  March 6th, 1999;  4:47 AM

Mr. Straguzzi was promoted from Director of Internal Development, a position he had held for the past nine months.  His first official act was to demand to be placed back in his previous post immediately.  But, after a brief orientation session, Mr. Straguzzi settled comfortably into his new office and has begun assembling his support staff.  He has shown special aptitude in working with the Chief Financial Officer in the mission-critical area of Food Procurement.

Stragsco looks forward to working closely with Mr. Straguzzi in the coming years.


The Entire Stragsco Staff

Mary Beth Straguzzi       President, Chief Financial Officer
Nick Straguzzi            Chairman of the Board, Key Grip, Errand Boy
Amy Straguzzi             Executive VP, Chief Operating Officer
John Straguzzi            Executive VP, Chief Technology Officer
Scott Straguzzi           Executive VP, Chief Communications Officer

Company Backgrounder:  Founded in 1987, Stragsco Enterprises provides state-of-the-art business solutions for its Executive Vice Presidents in the areas of hostelry, education, entertainment, transportation, spiritual guidance, lifestyle counseling, and boo-boo care.  Stragsco has been based in Mullica Hill, NJ since 1992, and has enjoyed substantial growth in 1989, 1992, and 1999.  Stragsco maintains strategic partnering relationships with The Disney Company and several local banks.

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