Groundsheep Day 2009


Is it time for Groundsheep Day already? Scott and I just got done performing all of our community service for last year's debacle! To make matters worse, the sun was shining brightly on February 2nd, which is always bad news – it makes it more likely that the groundsheep will see his shadow. We tried fitting him with sunglasses, but naturally he ate them, so all we could do was take him outside and hope for the best.

As you see, this time around we came prepared with protective gear.

Our goal was to keep the groundsheep facing South, so that he wouldn't see his shadow. And, to our shock, he cooperated! He stepped out onto the grass. He basked in the warm sun. He ate a rabbit. So far, so good...

Feeling frisky, he even decided to play a little hoops. Unfortunately, sheep aren't particularly great basketball players, so when he went up for a, yeah.

We eventually got him unstuck, and he walked around some more. He climbed up onto the hood of my truck and looked happy. Yep, I think we can safely predict that we're going to have an early spring!

Uh, wait. Is that his shadow?


Oh well, guess this means another six weeks of winter. Shearson is happy though, because the cold weather means he gets to wear his favorite snow hat (see below). Plus, the Animal Control people foolishly stopped by a few minutes later to provide him, unwittingly, with a midwinter snack. Then he went back to his lair on the top of my bookshelf to resume his hibernation. Dress warmly for the next six weeks, and we'll see you soon.

- Nick, Scott, and Shearson

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