Groundsheep Day 2007

At your suggestion, this year we resurrected the annual ATL tradition of Groundsheep Day.  Scott and I took the fabled groundsheep outdoors this afternoon and waited to learn if he would see his shadow.  Word spread fast, and soon we were surrounded by newspaper reporters, photographers, a camera crew, and even those chubby top-hatted guys from Punxsutawney who never miss a photo opportunity.
The groundsheep
The groundsheep stood around for a few seconds, wearing the same goofy smile he usually does.  It was overcast, so there was no indication of whether or not he saw his shadow.  He yawned.  He began grazing on the grass.  Then he got really hungry.  He ate more grass.  He ate the reporters' shoes.  Then he ate the reporters.  Then the photographers, the camera crew, and even the dignitaries from Groundhogville.  Oh, the humanity!
The groundsheep enjoying a snack   Aftermath of the carnage
But not to worry, because there was good news as well.  Somewhere during his rampage, the groundsheep even managed to eat his own shadow.  We're pretty sure he never saw it, so that means an early spring!  I gotta run, the county's animal control squad is knocking at our front door.  They don't know it yet, but they're probably about to be eaten.  Hopefully there will be less excitement in 2008.  Enjoy the soon-to-be-nice whether and see you soon,
Nick and Scott (and Shearson)
Scott and Shearson

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